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Archive for December 2019

Living 3.0

Living 3.0: An Approach to Start Solving America’s Housing Crisis America needs more housing. One estimate suggests an additional 4.6 million apartments are needed by 2030 to meet demand. A report from Harvard says homeowner households will grow by 8.9 million between 2015-2025 if homeownership rates stabilize; if the downward trend of homeownership continues, it’ll only grow by 4.9 million, but…

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Growing Minimalist Culture

Growing Minimalist Culture Within the past few years, the minimalist movement has grown into its very own culture. From art and design to lifestyle, minimalism inspires a number of people across the world. People are realizing that the spaces that we live and work in are getting smaller. More people occupy a workspace and housing…

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Cordless Kitchen by URBANEER

Cordless Kitchen by URBANEER and the Wireless Power Consortium Featured at 2018 Smart Kitchen Summit in Seattle URBANEER partnered with the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) to develop the very first commercially available wireless power kitchen, which was on display at the 2018 North America Smart Kitchen Summit in Seattle, WA. All of the countertops in…

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