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Urbaneer arose from a desire to downsize and reset. The desire was created in the founders of Urbaneer after working and living in Europe. While there, they enjoyed a simplified and purposeful lifestyle that cemented a feeling they have been chasing ever since. We developed an approach to design compact spaces with a focus on livability. Through over 400 multi-family units in five years, each aspect was refined and improved. In 2017, the first Urbaneer home was built and occupied by the founders. It has been a living lab for the line of compact homes marketed today.

What it means to be an Urbaneer

Freedom, Community, Wellness, and Creativity 

These values enable an Urbaneer to travel lighter through life. By simplifying their lives, Urbaneers can set their sights on what they really want out of life. Urbaneer’s goal is to enable freedom. We hold the strong belief that having more experiences creates a happier and healthier life. The following values help us create a lens to see through and a framework for action.

An Urbaneer seeks to lighten the load they carry through life. They value living experiences that add to their lives, not detract. These values extend beyond the urban environment as innovation allows us to live outside of cities with the same if not improved quality of life. Physical and social environments that evoke a sense of well-being are one of the keys to making our lives healthier.