When people think of ADUs, they often think of carriage or coach houses, tiny homes, modular homes, even shipping container homes. Each may have their appeal and benefits, as well as some drawbacks.

Tiny homes, while endlessly, dizzyingly customizable, can take months to construct, and budgets can be busted quickly. Shipping containers are a trendy option, but they may have carried a variety of hazardous materials before finding new life as a house where you or your family (or worse, someone else’s family) might live. In almost every case, living smaller means sacrificing something.

We believe that is the old way of thinking. To us, URBANEERing means living smaller without compromising. We have combined high-end finishes and design with innovative features — like easy-to-move wall systems that let you convert rooms in seconds — to create a home that does much more than other ADUs.

Urbaneer 15


An Accessory Dwelling Unit, or ADU, is a structure (intended as a dwelling) built on the same lot as a primary residence.

For decades, this meant anything from converting garages into living spaces to portable structures installed in place. Like today, these structures were created to overcome various challenges, including some that we still face today, like environmental and population concerns.

Now we are seeing other changes, like a population interested in lifestyle changes and additional income opportunities, like rental properties.

With these changes come opportunities to innovate. The burgeoning tiny home craze taught some of us in the ADU world something critical: how to invent ways to get more out of a living space. Creative, unconventional thinking and engineering could be applied to create a small but uncompromising home rapidly, on-demand for customers adapting to a changing community.


Our mission is to develop ADUs inspired by smarter living and intuitive design, so that stepping into an URBANEER is as effortless as shedding a suit for shorts and sandals after a long work week.

URBANEER will deliver on this promise through innovations in engineering that are people-focused, to build better living spaces for the residents of your community.

We have dedicated our own lives to living smaller and smarter, finding ways to get more out of the spaces we ourselves live in.

We walk the walk, right alongside you.

Urbaneer Interior


In 1998 URBANEER® founders Bruce & Brenda Thompson moved to Europe, where their perspective on urban living shifted drastically. In Munich, they were introduced to compact living and portable kitchens; in Barcelona, they experienced a compact, community-rich urban living experience; and in Germany they saw how compact luxury automobiles were re-imagined, not just downsized versions of their larger counterparts.

After returning to the U.S., Bruce and Brenda realized that the last century has been characterized by addition: larger homes, faster cars, and more stuff. While it had yielded many benefits, it also created a culture and economy that values growth for growth’s sake.

Today, as the nation struggles with urban density, shrinking living spaces, and a stagnant construction industry, URBANEER wants to help people realize the New American Dream, where growth promotes happy, responsible, meaningful lives.

The homes that we build and the products we make are designed to improve lives and the planet, not merely bottom lines. URBANEER’s innovation allows people to use less, thereby simplifying their lives and cutting down their environmental footprints, while improving the quality of their lives.


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