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URBANEER® designs compact living environments from the inside out, with a focus on the occupant experience.  Years of research, R&D and patents have led us to a fully integrated, tech enabled, modern compact home to serve the needs of people who want attainable housing in the locations they desire.

We partner with modular home builders and panelization plants to deliver a compact home in the most cost-effective manner possible, making compact housing solutions available and affordable for builders and developers.

URBANEER® also offers design consulting services to builders and developers who want to leverage our expertise and create their own unique compact home design.

URBANEER®’s designs range from 399 sq. ft. to 1600 sq. ft.

URBANEER by Genesis


URBANEER is a company focused on replacing housing issues with innovations. Since our beginning, we wanted to introduce people to smaller living without compromise.

This philosophy translated into carefully designed and engineered solutions that are now included in the URBANEER series, by Genesis. An URBANEER ADU by Genesis is one of the most streamlined and efficient ADU installations, because 90% of the work is done in a controlled environment. This allows us to strictly control design and build quality and consistency, timelines and delivery schedules - all of which can be challenges with other ADU construction methods.

The only thing that needs to be done prior to your URBANEER installation is site preparation: foundation/footings and infrastructure connections (plumbing and electrical hookups). Once this straightforward task is completed, your URBANEER can be installed and ready to live-in.


See the URBANEER® 510 Accessory Dwelling Unit by Genesis Homes®.


Mark Yost, CEO and President, Skyline Champion Homes


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