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Brenda and I started our adventure together more than 35 years ago, first as a friendship, then dating, until we were finally married in 1985. Both of us are restless, wandering spirits, which has led us to be rather nomadic. Together, we have journeyed through five states and three countries, moving a whopping 19 times in the process. With each move, although we didn’t realize it until much later, we discovered a thread that would one day weave into the unique tapestry that is our lives today.

So how did we, the ultimate wandering souls, end up building a 5,000 square foot custom-built home in 2007? Well, honestly, it’s because that is what we were raised to believe would make us happy. Don’t get me wrong, our house was perfectly personalized to our desires down to the very last detail. Brenda is an incredible interior designer, and she created an amazing space for raising our family. However, after living there only five years, we were dismayed to find that we weren’t feeling as fulfilled as we thought we would. We had checked off everything on the “American Dream List”...so why didn’t we feel content?

Urbaneer in barcelona


One day, sitting in our backyard, Brenda turned to me and said, “I want to get back to Barcelona”. Neither of us knew it, but this simple statement would become the foundation of the URBANEER mission and mindset. Back in 1998, we were living in a 900 square foot apartment in Spain.

Our life there seemed so simple: it didn’t consist of endless hours maintaining a yard or caring for a house filled with barely-used rooms. The time we spent in that small space had given us so much freedom, and we didn’t even realize it until it was a memory.

Freedom from the stuff, from the bills, and from the pressure of trying to live someone else’s ideas of what should make us happy.



We decided then and there that downsizing was absolutely the right move for us. It wasn’t until we began looking for compact housing options for ourselves that we noticed three apparent gaps in the marketplace: price, quality, and size. Not only that, but we weren’t the only ones looking for answers. The “aha!” moment for us was almost comical. If there wasn’t anyone currently filling those gaps, why couldn’t we?

Fast forward to 2020, URBANEER is no longer just a backyard dream for us. Instead, it has become a lifestyle brand that represents the “Next-Generation American Dream.” The objective for so many Americans today is finding ways to live a balanced, more fulfilling lifestyle based on experiences over “stuff.”

While we recognize that downsized living might not be for everyone, we are seeing a rapidly growing market, of all ages across the nation, seeking solutions to downsize their quantity of living without compromising the quality.

URBANEER was born out of the desire for just that, bridging the gap between housing and technology in innovative ways that have never been done before.

ADU Home
Bruce and Brenda Thompson


It took us 3 homes and 14 years to realize that we needed to embrace an alternative lifestyle from what we’ve been told to want. A lifestyle that truly makes us happy— less space, less stuff, and so much more freedom and opportunity for experiences.

Our aspiration is to help others on their journey to discover freer lives through compact living, and we would love for you to join us in our URBANEER journey.


Very Sincerely,

Brenda & Bruce Thompson, Founders of URBANEER


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