URBANEER® innovates living environments at the conversion of technology and the built environment. We integrate technology into all URBANEER® spaces to enhance life. Wireless power embedded in kitchen counters allows easy powering of your phones and appliances; air purification and robotic cleaning enhances wellness; digital access and monitoring controls provide a layer of security so you always know who is home.


We created a queen size vertical wall bed and side storage unit system to match the architectural design and finish of the kitchen and storage systems. URBANEER® Wall Beds bring flexibility and multi-functionality to any room, and are built to withstand everyday use. A wall bed can add or subtract 100 square feet of living compared to the average size of a small bedroom. With our wall beds, you can easily turn your bedroom into an office, gym, or media room —or vice versa.

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The URBANEER® Moveable Wall system makes new rooms appear where they did not exist. The moving wall easily glides along ceiling mounted tracks, splitting rooms to add new functionality as well as visual and auditory privacy.

Our movable wall represents years of research into space optimization in the residential environment and is the result of cross functional design expertise of architects, engineers and industrial designers.  Coupled with the URBANEER® wall bed system our wall enables “rooms on demand”, and multi-modal living.  The wall comes with wall table and entertainment options, providing sleeping, working, dining, and entertaining modalities all in within one space.


We know kitchens are the most expensive real estate in any living space. URBANEER® designed several different sizes of compact, prefab kitchens (with or without appliances) that make installation and labor a breeze, reducing overall project headaches and expenses.  Coordinated with compact kitchen islands embedded with wireless power, URBANEER® organizes complete, space-optimized kitchen systems, perfect for cooking and dining in smaller spaces.


Seating is an essential piece for relaxing or entertaining in any space. URBANEER® seating systems take an indispensable component of the home and integrate it into smaller living spaces that may not allow conventional seating. URBANEER® offers a collapsible sofa as an option on our queen Vertical Wall Bed. The URBANEER® Wall Bed Sofa provides an effortless conversion from bed to living room with a contemporary solution to the ever-present issue of space in the home- taking full advantage of your space without sacrificing comfort, style or functionality.


URBANEER® created storage towers to accompany our wall bed system, but it can be included into the interior system as a free standing closet as well.  Multiple hanging areas, adjustable shelving, and drawers add storage capacity put everything within reach.
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