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Short Term Rental Operators

URBANEER = Life Changing Spaces. We help developers, architects and property managers deliver a 21st century living experience by providing design services, integrated furnishings, and managed services. We accomplish this with an ecosystem of adaptable products and technology that work together to provide space optimization and convenience in multiple living environments. The goal isn’t to make everyone an Urbaneer, but anyone can be an Urbaneer.
The Urbaneer “look and feel” for compact living spaces under 1200 sq. feet has been developed based on experience creating hundreds of efficient living spaces to attain a value proposition for the inhabitant which garners a premium per square foot in both a sale and rental situations.

How do we do it:

Housing as a product: Consistent, Cohesive, Connected

Why do we do it: Help Your clients Travel Lighter Through Life

The beauty of this pursuit is in the diversity of people’s desires. For some, it is to downsize, travel or spend less time maintaining a household.

Homeowners: Standard designs, easy maintenance, lower operating cost.
Renters: Provide efficient layouts, durable materials, and flexible products.
Short term rental: Your guest’s decision to rent a home, comes with the expectation of feeling at home. Go above the norm, and provide an experience, not just a bed.

The way people live is changing faster and more drastically than ever. There are no longer cookie-cutter experiences for certain groups of people. These groups have different characteristics and criteria but can all benefit from the freedom of the Urbaneer lifestyle. The element that ties all these groups together is a smaller footprint. It creates shared benefits such as more time, resources, and a better understanding of what makes life worth living. The goal isn’t to make everyone an Urbaneer, but anyone can be an Urbaneer.

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